Parking Enforcement

Hello Whitemarsh Reserve Owners,

Parking enforcement is soon to be initiating a new technique to regulate parking in Whitemarsh Reserve. The Board of Directors will no longer be placing violation stickers on vehicles or towing that are parked illegally in our community. The Board has entered into an agreement with City Booting. This company will be driving through our development periodically during the week between the hours of 12:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M.

If your vehicle is in violation of our parking regulations it will be booted. This means there will be a boot placed on the tires of your vehicle rendering it immovable until you pay the fee, which as of now, is $105.00. The Board will no longer be involved. City Booting will be provided the addresses and vehicle makes and license plates of repeat offenders. City Booting has also been made aware that parking at the swimming pool area is only for visitors who have permits on their windshields. If you have a visitor, make sure our property management has provided you a permit and it has been placed in a visible place on you dash.

Failure to have a current permit will resort in a boot being placed. City Booting has been provided a list of holiday dates where there will be no violations issued. Every January this list will be updated and provided on our website. Please read the bylaws and related documents each and everyone of you was provided when you moved in. A few violations that will be addressed are pool parking, sidewalk parking and vehicles that are not parked properly in driveways. Remember our enforcement will only be between the hours of 12:00 am and 6:00 am.

This change to parking rule enforcement will have no impact on 80% of residents who have been parking on their driveway or in their garage, only those that haven’t. There will be no cost or financial benefit to the HOA, it is an entirely separate company granted permission to work in our community.

Their service will commence January 15th 2023

Visitor parking passes are available through property management and need to be clearly displayed on dashboard. We are also working on having board members be able to issue passes out of hours or at weekends when property management is not available. There is no guarantee that the Board will be able to issue a pass at strange hours, and this will not count as an excuse when car gets booted. The Board will only provide this service as a neighborly favor where possible.

In addition to towing anyone parked on street or sidewalk or without visitors pass at pool between midnight and 6am, City Booting has been given permission to tow during daytime for parking on grass, and enforcement of standard traffic laws such as parking by a fire hydrant, parking against direction of traffic or parking at a junction/stop sign.

The blackout dates where we relax the parking rules for various holidays are listed below and in the Calendar:

Easter Thurs 4/6/23 – Tues 4/11/23

Memorial Day Thurs 5/25/23 – Wed 5/31/23

Independence Day Fri 6/30/23 – Thurs 7/6/23

Labor Day Fri 9/1/23 – Wed 9/6/23

Halloween Tues 10/31/23

Thanksgiving Fri 11/17/23 – Mon 11/27/23

Christmas / New Year Fri 12/22/23 – Tue 1/2/24

Thank you,
Your Whitemarsh Board of Directors