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Three Important Parking Rules

Three important rules about parking (summary as per “Section 15.4.1 Parking” of our Community Declaration):

  1. All vehicles shall only be parked in a garage, driveway or the guest parking lot, any other area is a parking violation and subject to booting and/or fines.
  2. Vehicles shall not block the sidewalk. The property line ends where the landscaping ends and does not extend to the sidewalk at the end of the driveway. So if your vehicle overhangs the sidewalk it is a parking violation and subject to booting and/or fines.
  3. Only registered visitors may park in the visitor parking spaces by the pool. All vehicles parked in the visitor parking area which are not registered guests are in violation and are subject to booting and/or fines.

Your vehicle may be booted or towed by an outside agency appointed by the Board and subject to a fine to release. The Board also retains the right, in addition to any appointed agency, to uphold the regulations of the community and fine homeowners who violate the parking regulations. Please note, in accordance with the regulations, any unpaid fines will place a lien on your property if they remain unpaid.

These are the most important rules about parking, a full list of the regulations are in the Use Restrictions.