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Three Important Trash Rules

Three important rules about trash:

  2. Place your trash container outside no earlier than 6pm the preceding evening. All the trash pick-up dates for the year, adjusted for all the holidays, are listed in the Calendar. There is no excuse for placing your trash outside a day early due to a holiday schedule shift.
  3. Ensure your trash container is not left open and that the top is secure.

Due to deliberate feeding and insecure trash containers we now have at least two raccoon families living in the community. They are vermin and create a mess that attracts smaller vermin and insects like rats and cockroaches. Regardless how cute you think they are or how much of an animal lover you think you are being by feeding them, DON’T!

Waste Management has threatened to charge us for cleaning up the contents of ravaged trash containers, and if we have to call a trapping service they will likely not dispose of these animals humanely. Your act of feeding the wildlife will likely lead to more vermin in the community, cost you and others in the community more in fees and lead to the death of the animal. AGAIN JUST DON’T!

These are the most important rules about trash, a full list of the regulations are in the Use Restrictions.