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Community Trail


Whitemarsh Reserve residents have their own private access to a one mile walking and bike riding trail that meanders through the the Kiplinger Nature Preserve.  The preserve contains over 150 acres of sand pine scrub, scrubby flat woods, freshwater bay gall wetland, and mangrove dominated tidal swamp.

Update January 2022: Kiplinger Trail Expansion

Kiplinger Nature Preserve Trail

Ariel view of Kiplinger Nature Preserve showing trail markers.


The preserve has over 200 species of trees, shrubs, vines, and wildflowers.  Fungi, lichens, grasses all abound.  Every season brings some species into flower so there is always something new and beautiful to see.  These images represent but a very small collection of the variety of Kiplinger plants.

1. Gilled Mushroom; 2. Christmas Lichen; 3. Lindenleaf Rosemallow; 4. Bracken Firn; 5. Trumpet Creeper; 6. Swamp Flatsedge; 7. Slash Pine Trees; 8. Shiny Leaf Coffee; 9. Witch’s Broom.


All manner of interesting wildlife abounds if you take the time to slow down and look around.   There are reports of some fifty species of birds that have been seen at Kiplinger over a five year period including Palm Warblers, Great Blue Herons, Painted Buntings and Red-shouldered Hawks. A gopher tortoise has a hole at the trailhead and can often be found munching on grass.

1. Squirrel; 2. Spreading Damselfly; 3. Southern Black Racer; 4. Red-Bellied Woodpecker; 5. Orchard Orbweaver; 6. Monarch Butterfly; 7. Gopher Tortoise 8&9. Green Heron