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Repair & Maintenance

The specification for the shutters is: High Density Polyurethane, size 58 x 18 x 1-5/8 in, painted in Benjamin Moore Green No. 2041-10. A contractor that has previously been used to replace the shutters and is therefore familiar with the process is:

Architectural Design Stone, Inc.
6990 NW 37 Ct, Miami, FL 33147 
Telephone: (305) 219-5524

An [ACC Form] is required to be submitted in order for the work to be approved, however if you use the contractor listed above, the approval process should be quicker as the Board is familiar with this contractor.

To maintain a consistent look throughout the community you should only replace your exterior coach lights with a type approved by the Board. The Board approved coach light specification is the Trafalgar Two Light Outdoor Wall Lantern in oxidized bronze #8460EN-46 and is available to order though:

Capitol Lighting
2526 SE Federal Hwy
Stuart, FL 34994 [Google Map]

[Full Lamp Specifications]

Rules & Regulations

We understand that the limited guest parking in the community can cause problems. So if you do not have sufficient space in your garage or on your driveway for your expected visitors, you should contact the Board before their arrival for prior approval to park in non-designated parking areas.

The Board is very forthcoming in helping residents out in such situations as long as prior approval has been sought. However, if the system is abused the Board may not grant further permissions in the future to those concerned. Examples of abusing the system are:

  • Asking permission to park in non-designated areas while using your garage as storage, a gym or a workshop.
  • Repeatedly asking for prior permission for visitor parking in non-designated areas. The Board grants parking exceptions only for short-term visitors to the community and not on a long-term or repeat basis.
  • Constantly parking in non-designated areas and once-in-a-while asking for prior permission. If you have been noted to be a frequent past offender it is unlikely the Board will grant you permission in the future.

You may ask for prior permission for guest parking in non-designated areas of the community by submitting the details on the Contact Form (48hrs noticed is advised).

You may only park your vehicles in your garage or on your driveway. If you park on any sidewalk, pavement, or any other non-designated parking area, including the guest parking area, without prior approval from the Board, your vehicle may be towed.

Cramming two vehicles lengthways on your driveway is not acceptable as one is likely to overhang the sidewalk and cause a liability issue.

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Only homeowners can register to gain access to the financial information. If you are a homeowner of a property on Whitemarsh Reserve you can Register Here

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The Realtor Pack has all the relevant information, however if you have additional questions or requests you may contact the Property Manager and Board using the Contact Form.