Entrance Gate Damage

On March 31st shortly after 3 p.m., a white Ford Courier Express van entered the community through the exit gate while it was halfway closed damaging the left side of the gate. Thankfully there were many witnesses at the pool area that took down the vehicle information and contacted Martin County Sheriff. They were able to locate the vehicle and get the drivers information.

We then contacted the gate maintenance company, Bartlett Brothers, to go onsite and review the damage. They stated that the left side of the exit was gate was in need of replacement but was operable at the time. Bartlett Brothers provided us with a proposal which the association approved and the expenses will be sent to the suspects insurance company for reimbursement. A couple of weeks later the left exit gate had slightly dropped to where the bottom of the gate was catching on the concrete curb which could potentially cause damage to the gate motors. To keep this from happening, Bartlett Brothers had to prop the gates open until the exit gate could be replaced.

We understand that keeping the gates open is a safety concern but it was the only solution to the problem. The new gate is to be installed by tomorrow, weather pending, and Bartlett Brothers will return onsite to hook it up to the operator in order for it to function.

We greatly appreciate your patience during this time.

Megan Knott
Avant-Garde Management
772-320-9617 x.1001