Prelude to Annual Meeting

Dear Residents,

As soon as the property manager gets around to making all the arrangements we shall have our annual meeting for the community which will include board member elections. If you like how the community is being managed and how things are being done, or if you don’t like how it’s being run, you have the opportunity to vote and/or stand for election. The board also needs people who are willing to help but don’t necessarily have the time or the confidence to have a full board seat. The only reason we managed to do what we did this year is because we had a number of residents who helped the board out with projects and information gathering, which then allowed us to push more through than usual. So it would be much appreciated if people who do have an interest in helping out, on whatever project subcommittee you could do your magic on, make themselves known at the forthcoming annual meeting or beforehand to any board member.

Best Regards,